How can I buy tickets?

In order to minimise the administration costs for the Aviator's Ball we do not issue 'actual' tickets- your place is secure once you have received your booking confirmation from us. Tickets are now on sale and cost £130. They can be bought securely, on line, via our Aeroshop- click the link under 'Ball Tickets and info'.

There is a 5% discount when purchasing 10 or more tickets- please note that if you require 10 or more tickets these cannot be purchased via our webshop. There is also a disabled rate available. If you wish to book as a group or purchase a ticket at the disabled rate please email tickets@aviatorsball.com and we will be in touch to arrange payment.

Who will I be seated with?

Once you have purchased your tickets please email tickets@aviatorsball.com with your guests' names and who you would like to sit with. Unless you are coming in a group of 10 (for which there is a discount) tickets do not need to be bought at the same time. If you do not know any other guests we will sit you with like- minded people, our aim is to make your evening as enjoyable as possible.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

Refunds will only be given in special circumstances. If you've double booked, or a party member drops out or cancels at the last minute we have a no-refund policy (as we won't be able to sell the ticket on again) and the money will go to Aerobility. So please be sure before you book. However, please contact us if you have a problem prior to the event and we will endeavour to help where possible. 

How can I book overnight accomodation?

To book please call the Sofitel Hotel reservations team directly on 020 8757  5000

How much is it to park at the hotel?

£13.50 up to 10 hours

£16.00 between 10 and 24 hours

To receive this special rate please validate your parking ticket at the conference welcome desk then proceed  to the payment machines.



Tickets sold out!

Click here to buy tickets direct from our AeroShop online store

For disabled rate tickets email tickets@aviatorsball.com

Please call  0303 303 1240 for further information